Geofabrics is committed to excellence and innovation, providing smarter solutions for our clients in the mining sector. Our expertise covers many mining and resources applications including ground support, dump walls and retaining structures, containment and lining for tailings dams and waste, mine site remediation and mining grid for underground mining operations.

As the Australasian leader in geotextiles and geosynthetics, we pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying world-class technical leadership and engineering support through our innovation, research, industry education, design and independent testing services.

For over 40 years we have supported the mining sector on significant projects including rehabilitation of the Shamrock gold mine, major updates to the Rosebery tailings dam, and capping of the Fraser Road Landfill (add in recent high profile project here).

On these projects, and every project we undertake, we have a singular focus: to provide smarter infrastructure solutions for our clients. Our solutions are focused on minimising maintenance costs and reducing construction timeframes, helping to reduce operational shutdowns associated with infrastructure works.

By choosing Geofabrics, you’re supporting onshore manufacturing and strengthening our commitment to local communities.

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