Geofabrics’ Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Development (GRID) is a specialist R&D laboratory that works with clients to develop the right geosynthetic solution for their complex problems including mine rehabilitation and revegetation.

Based in southern Queensland, the GRID houses a selection of key geosynthetic-specific laboratory equipment. Testing in our lab is aimed at solving the real world problems designers, contractors and asset owners find on their construction site – a major step forward to ensure the right solution is adopted.

Carefully planned and engineered mine-site rehabilitation is necessary to maximise site end use and minimise the environmental impact from previous mining operations. To assist with this, the GRID provides bespoke solutions to assist with the rehabilitation and revegetation of mines.

The GRID is committed to precision analysis and comprehensive reporting. Analysis is performed according to Australian and International test methods and comprehensive test reports are generated, including results, photos, graphs, test conditions and details of the apparatus used. Confidentiality is assured.